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Rotary tube bundle dryer/cooler

This dryer/cooler is made in an ASME certified workshop. This is an indirect contact dryer which is structured with a stationary shell with a rotating heating tube bundle as well as shovels.

Wet feed freely flows over the rotating bundle of heated/cooled tubes, which transfer heat by radiation, conduction and convection to/from the product, which results in uniform drying/cooling. A central shaft design is available to carry the torque on the rotating tube bundle to minimize tube breakage and extend the dryer service life.

The scope of supply usually includes the dryer, feed and discharge conveyors, exhaust fan, cyclone and scrubber. A pre-heater to utilize heat from condensate and steam trap is available upon request. Material in contact with product can be supplied as 304 SS or 316 SS. An ASME U stamp is available upon request.

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