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Drum dryer/cooler

The machine comes with either a single roller or double rollers. The drying/cooling process occurs by introducing either saturated steam, heated oil or cooling water inside the drum rollers and at the same time, spreading a thin layer of product slurry on the surface of the drum rollers. Roller temperature ranges from 60 to 600 °C.

The water in the thin product layer evaporates under such temperature and dry product is obtained. Three types of application rollers come with single roller dryers. They are small multiple applicator rollers, single immersion style applicator roller, and multiple spray nozzle applicators.

Three types of roller come with double roller dryer. They are gear drive applicator rollers, small multiple applicator rollers, immersion style applicator rollers. Laboratory /pilot plant unit is available. The scope of supply includes the dryer, vapor exhaust hood, discharge conveyor and blade grinding machine.

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