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Bio-reactor/ Fermenter
Bio-reactor/fermenter is available in laboratory scales (3 L ~ 20 L), pilot plant scales (200 L ~ 1000 L) and industry scales (1000 L ~ 30,000 L). The bio-reactor/fermenter is designed to carry out either liquid or solid fermentation processes. The bio-reactor/fermenter can be designed either in horizontal or vertical tank at your request. Temperature can be adjusted and controlled up to 150 ±0.5°C; pH can be adjusted from 1 ~ 12 ±0.2; Agitation speed and pressure can be adjusted and controlled. You can also request to add additional air to the feed stream. Our agitation consulting partner, Benz Technology International, Inc., can help develop experimental protocol and fit data for scale-up of the agitation and mass transfer to large scale operation, minimizing total power input. Mechanically agitated and aerated fermenters can cover the range from low OTR up to very high levels (>400 mmol/l-h) and viscosities into several thousand cP. They can be designed for horizontal or vertical vessels of almost any shape, with single or multiple impellers as needed.

The air lift fermenter (ALF) is designed for low viscosity (<20 cP, typically), low to moderate oxygen demand (<100 mmol/l-h), low to moderate biological activity or cell population density. Within its range of application, ALLF normally requires less total power and capital expense than a mechanically agitated fermenter.

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