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Products & Services

Products and Services

At Terrace International we will provide services to meet all aspect of your project needs. Our highly trained professionals will provide solutions tailor-made for you by implementing your special requirements in terms of design, material of construction and unique specifications. At Terrace International Inc. a Professional Engineer (PE) will be ready to assist you with CRN registration, ASME calculations, pressure vessel FEA and obtaining ASME U stamp Certifications. Terrace International Inc. is capable of managing your engineering design needs as well as turn key design for building complete manufacturing facilities.

At Terrace International Inc. we are committed to your business success by anticipating each step during your project execution, from initial quotation, on-site manufacturer visits, technical discussion with professional translation, negotiation, manufacturing process coordination, inspection, shipping and handling arrangements, installation, start up assistance, all the way up-to customer follow-up/feed back process.

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