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Efficiency is the key to any business success because efficiency delivers competitiveness in the marketplace. Efficiency comes from effective management, advanced technology and low cost operation. Terrace International Inc. provides quality industry equipment at affordable prices to maximize your operational efficiency. We take initiative to investigate suppliers from developing countries, so that equipment is provided at significantly reduced prices. We understand your needs and concerns during project execution. By inviting industry experts to conduct evaluations via interviews, manufacturing process auditing, design drawing reviews and feedback from end users, we assure you that only qualified high quality equipment made by companies with sophisticated manufacturing technologies and strong research and development capabilities from developing counties are listed in our products and services section. We select products made by ASME and GMP certified companies or their equivalent. The listed equipment in our products and services section are thoroughly evaluated for their design, manufacturing process and operational performance to assure their quality, reliability and advanced performance. As the result you will receive equipment with equivalent performance and reliability to those made in USA, Japan or the EU at significantly lower prices.

All Terrace International Employees are committed to your business success. We take pride in our services. No project is too big or too small at Terrace International Inc. You will enjoy our superior services and value of products. We are confident that by working with us your project return on investment (ROI) will be significantly improved, and you will stay ahead of the competition in the market place.

Terrace International Inc. primarily provides services to Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Bio-chemical, Food, Agribusiness, Bio-fuel industries.

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